Thank you for volunteering to help support “Yes on Affordable Utilities”! This is a community-driven effort and we CANNOT do this without you. Please use our contact page if you are not yet a volunteer but are interested in signing up.

Signature Volunteers

We are extremely grateful for you dedicating time to help us out with this. Below are some important instructions.

1.  Thank you.  Thank you for volunteering to gather signatures.  Together we can build a sustainable Mesa!

2.  Volunteer Box.  Put a check on the line next to the word “VOLUNTEER”.

3.  Third Paragraph, First Blank.  Write “Mesa” in the first blank.  The Initiative will be submitted to the qualified electors of the City of Mesa.   

4.  Third Paragraph, Second Blank.  Write “Mesa, Maricopa County”.  Each person signing the petition must be registered to vote in the City of Mesa (Maricopa County).

5.  Signatures.  Each person signing the petition must fill out one signature block as follows : (i) Signature, (ii) Print Name (the name has to be legible), (iii) Street Address, (iv) Zip Code, (v) City (MESA), (vi) Date Signed.  Each block must be filled out carefully so it is legible. 

6.  Stay Within Lines.  Each person signing must stay within the lines (as much as is possible). Use construction paper or a file folder below each line so that any stray pen marks are made on the construction paper/file folder (and not in the next signature block).

7.  Mistakes.  If there is a mistake in a signature block.  Draw a line through the entire block, and have the person fill out the next block with the information described in item 5 above.

8.  Reverse Side – Affidavit.  The volunteer gathering signatures must fill out the reverse side and have his/her signature notarized. 

  • 1st  Blank:  County where the volunteer’s signature is being notarized (most likely “Maricopa”)
  • 2nd Blank:  Name of Volunteer getting the signatures on the Petition.
  • 3rd Blank:  Maricopa
  • 4th  Blank:  Signature of Volunteer getting the signatures on the Petition.
  • 5th Blank:  Residence Address of the Volunteer getting the signatures.
  • 6th Blank:  For Notary to fill out.


10.  After the Petitions are complete, and notarized, call the number for Petition Pick Up on the website:  VoteYesOnAffordableUtilities.com.  We will arrange to pick up the petition.

Thank you!

Print Documents

If you need more signatures forms the documents are below. It is extremely important if you print these on your own you follow all of the above rules and everything is identical to the original document you received. Signatures will be invalidated if these rules are not followed. If you do not feel comfortable printing more signature forms but you need them do not hesitate to contact us!

Printing Instructions

Signature Form – Must be printed on 8.5×14 paper!

Stapled supporting documents – These MUST be stapled to the above signature form document at all times while collecting signatures!